Scientific Excellence
Advanced technologicals equipments with our expertise team strength  unified diverse background cultures work together  to provide solutions to your problems as per your requirements.

State of the Art Technology
To insure world wide performance and reliable results, we have all the latest state of the art instrumentations manned and maintained by trained and experience professional.

Focus on Quality
Guranteed customer satisfaction, IFADs' make every effort to perpetually improving organization’s performance to enhance  reliablity and timely scientific solutions.
Our independent quality department undertakes an internal programme of self inspection to ensure that our  standards are met, and by participating in a number of proficiency schemes we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Customer Service
Appropriate questions with focused attention to client’s clarification and providing a unique solutions regarding technical matters, opinions and interpretations.  We are committed to provide highest standard of quality service in all aspect in accordance with mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Integrity of Results
Our test results achieve internationally recognised standards every time. Our employees are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. Our expertise, combined with the insight gained from experience, assures customers that every single test result is delivered with the highest levels of accuracy and integrity.

Uncompromising Standards
As a market leader, IFAD works hard to achieve the high standards that our customers demand and expect. Our fleet of PROCESS AND SERVICES  ensures efficient sample collection whilst our accredited laboratories guarantee rapid result turnaround providing you with instant access to your results via our secure web portal.

Listening to our customers is a priority and enables us to deliver a better service, giving you confidence that we are a testing partner you can trust.

A Tailored Solution
We work closely with you to understand both your current requirements and those for the future. Our philosophy is to provide you with more than just a test result and our testing services are complemented by consultancy services in areas such as HACCP, due diligence and food technology as well as legal and labeling advice.

Unbeatable Service
Being able to offer our customers an unbeatable service is of paramount importance to us. The combination of our extensive range of services supported by an excellent collection network and the integrity of our results is the main reason that our customers are happy to entrust IFAD  LABS with all their testing requirement